The Steps to Becoming a Superhero

Here you have in your hands a magnificent Program that will hand your kids very powerful skills they will use for life and give them advantages to live to their potential, and along the way YOU as an educator will too! 

Kids that grow up knowing how to:

  • affirm themselves,
  • shift their thoughts to positive even in front of challenges
  • visualize themselves achieving their dreams no matter their current conditions
  • balance their emotions and be mindful

Will be ahead in life and with the ability to co-create their future!

This is what modern education should include in every curriculum in schools!

What You Get

  • Engaging, guided conversations
  • Guided meditation audios
  • Introspective journal for kids
  • Collaborative group games & crafts
  • POWords posters
  • Ready-to-go lesson plans

PLUS much more!!

** Everything is available in printable & digital formats**

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